Significantly Reduce Roofing Expenses

At RoofLIFE Management, our primary focus is Roof Asset Management. Our methodology in managing existing roofing inventories establishes a baseline for the condition of all of your roofing systems; assigns a measurable roof life for each; prescribes levels of corrective repairs and preventive maintenance with budgets; and provides for repairs, maintenance, restorations and replacements.

This programmatic approach reduces the inconvenience and unexpected costs associated with roof leaks and premature roof replacements; while shrinking annual operating unit costs and making necessary roofing expenditures cost effective.

Commitment to Safety

Customized Site Safety Plans Based on:

  • Army Corps of Engineers Safety Manual EM 385-1-1
  • OSHA Publication 3146 1998 (revised), paragraphs
    1926.501(b)(10) - 1926.503(c)(3)
  • Continuing Safety Education for Field Personnel
  • AGC Certification