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At RoofLIFE Management, our primary focus is Roof Asset Management.Our methodology in managing existing roofing inventories establishes a baseline for the condition of all of your roofing system; assigns a measurable roof life for each; prescribes levels of corrective repairs and preventive maintenance with budgets; and provides for repairs, maintenance,restorations and replacements.

This programmatic approach reduces the inconvenience and unexpected costs associated with roof leaks and premature roof replacements; while shrinking annual operating unit costs and making necessary roofing expenditures cost effective.

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Commercial roof maintenance

Commercial roofing is a vital but often overlooked part of successful business operations. A building's roof helps you to keep a comfortable indoor climate, shields it from the elements, and protects advantages and the people inside. Proper care and routine inspections ensure that this important covering continues to do its job with out an adverse impact on profits.

Check for Problems

Surface damage due to environmental or weathering risks is typically most observable after high wind, significant rain, or snowfall. Trouble is, frequently signified by visual signs, including standing water or bubbled stuff.

Schedule Routine Reviews

Biannual reviews would be the most effective method to maintain commercial roofing in optimum state. An expert evaluation is advocated, even though some building owners assess for damage after which call their contractors for an in depth analysis. In best practice, reviews are scheduled in late autumn and early spring, only after the most rigorous seasons.

Remain Alert to Signals of Water Damage

Repairs that are ignored finally show in the building. Rotting or discolored window frames additionally indicate water or moisture damage which could be roof-connected, as do indications of mould on outside or the inside of the construction.

Keep Clear and Gutter Systems Clean

Drainpipes or clogged gutters frequently prevent proper drainage, causing wetness and rain to collect in some specific regions.

Remove or elevate Nearby Trees

Several risks are posed by overhanging trees. Property owners keep healthy limbs cut and should regularly remove dead branches jeopardizing their buildings so that the construction is not touched by them.

The lifespan of conventional commercial roofing may reduce, and energy prices usually raise. Cool Roofs are price-friendly options. Coatings and single-ply membranes offer protection to coverings that are level, and kinds that are pitched gain from light colored tiles or metal that is coated.Rooftop tempera

Flat roof maintenance

Flat roofs are extremely distinct from sloping roofs or more conventional peaked. But while you might suppose the sole difference is in the look, you may shortly note that flat roof care and maintenance is even more significant than care on a sloping roof.

A tiny issue can grow into a bigger one in almost no time. One small roof leak which goes unrepaired for many time can become a serious issue after.

It isn't only flows that may cause difficulties for building owners. Roof damage that could deteriorate into major flows can be caused by all those issues.

Regardless of which kind of roofing material makes a unique roof up, there's still a should do maintenance and routine inspections once every few months. Quarterly roof care is the most effective method to make sure that any issues using the roof is going to be dealt with before they become a costly issue.

More roof care is required by some kinds of roofs than many others, including green roofs. Green roofs should be preserved and should be check frequently to make sure they are functioning correctly.

Typical roof care features removal and a comprehensive test of debris from other areas which are created to ease the flow of water away from the building as well as many valleys. Also, the significant winds lift or which are normal in san diego can damage shingles; these shingles needs to be replaced or re-affixed as an ingredient of any roof care that is quarterly.

Scheduling routine roof maintenance is the most easy way to shield any building from future roofing issues that may cost a great deal if gone undetected to repair.


Customized Site Safety Plans Based On:
    Army Corps of Engineers Safety Manual EM 385-1-1-1
    OSHA Publication 31461998 (revised),paragraphs 1926.501(b)(10) - 1926.503(c)(3)
    Continuing Safety Education for Field Personnel
    AGC Certification.


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"It is possible to install a fresh gutter system, attach light poles, and create an immediate run off in the roof of your house down to earth so you've got all you need so that you can ensure a reputable and safe roof."

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